We face our ecological and social responsibilities

Abbelen addresses the issue of environmental protection and does more in this respect than the law calls for: For example, we clean the air discharged by our deep fat fryers using a thermal incineration plant, thereby recovering heat that covers, amongst other things, the hot water requirements on the premises. This reduces our energy consumption by approx. 30 % in comparison 30 % in comparison to standard systems. We also use a sewage treatment system that purifies around 50% of the water we use, which allows it to be reused as a coolant for our technical equipment.

Abbelen supports the "Tafel" foodbanks

For a number of years now, we have donated our production surplus, perfectly unspoilt foor, to the region's "Tafel" foodbanks, thereby helping those in need in nearby towns such as Krefeld, Kempen, Mönchengladbach, Dormagen and Mettmann.

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