Qualität steht bei Abbelen an erster Stelle

Quality Standards

We attach as much importance to carefree indulgence as you do. That is why we will only accept the best when it comes to our raw materials and suppliers and use only premium ingre­dients! To ensure that we do, we have developed quality standards which all our suppliers must comply with. We take a sample from each delivery to check whether it conforms to our strict requirements.

We use a number of internal control systems to ensure quality is maintained. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art analysis equipment and carries out quality tests and controls around the clock. Product quality, safety and also raw material traceability are consistently checked and documented.

To guarantee the high of our raw materials, we check every single delivery. We monitor, for example, compliance with hygiene standards and check that the raw material is delivered at the temperature it is required to have by law, and also carry out senory anayses.

Our regular microbiological raw material and finished product tests go beyond those called for by the respective regulations.

Abbelen meets the "Higher Level" IFS International Food Standard and is BRC-certified.

Our employees ensure that the hygiene standards are met throughout at all important points, and regularly carry out microbiological analyses especially in areas where the products come in contact with surfaces etc. to ensure absolute cleanliness and compliance with the hygiene regulations.

State-of-the-art packaging mashines reliably guarantee constantly high quality.