Our most important ingredient:

Excellent quality

Fresh ingredients, outstandingly excellent taste and particularly carefully processed – Abbelen products stand for enjoying top quality food. We do not only promise, we guarantee it.

Our products have been manufactured here in Tönisvorst since 1958. Quality and food safety have always been Abbelen’s top priority. We use only premium raw materials which we source exclusively from selected suppliers with whom we enjoy long-lasting business relationships.

Regular and careful monitoring is a given. Abbelen also applies the highest standards when it comes to production process hygiene and safety. Our high standards have been certified by independent testing organisations and frequently even exceed the testing institutes’ strict requirements. Every year, the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, the German agricultural society) also confirms the quality of our products: In 2013, we have been honoured with 22 gold and 5 silver awards.

Abbelen is Top-Brand 2013 (Lebensmittel-Zeitung)

High quality standards

DLG-Logo (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)

DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)

A commission of experts from the DLG, the German agricultural society, tests and rates products every year with regard to quality (colour, appearence, texture, smell, taste). They award gold, silver or bronze. In 2013 alone, 22 of our products were awarded gold.


IFS-Food-Logo (International Featured Standard Food)

IFS Food (International Featured Standard Food)

In 2000, the Consumer Goods Forum (CIES at the time) established the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which 40 retailers from Europe, North America and Australia joined.
In the course of the GFSI, renowned German food industry names such as Metro AG, REWE, EDEKA, ALDI, Tengelmann, AVA, tegut, Markant, Lidl and Globus helped to develop uniform food safety standards for private label suppliers.


RSPO-Logo (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

The RSPO is a central organisation for the promotion of sustainable palm oil cultivation methods with the aim of limiting environmental damage. We joined the RSPO i n2012 and use only certified palm oil.



The QS System – Quality hand in hand

The QS System is a level and company-transcending quality assurance system for the production, processing and distribution of food. QS is the world’s largest control system for safe food, incorporating all players in food production – from the farmer through to the shop counter.


DIN EN ISO 50001

DIN EN ISO 50001

The DIN EN ISO 50001 certifies the application of an energy management system pertaining to the continuous improvement of energy-related performances of a company. Abbelen thus reduces its CO2 emission and continuously improves the
efficient use of the consumed energy.